The convenience of EVA examination software

Web-based software for personal certification 

With EVA examination software, you can organize the entire process surrounding the conducting of examinations and personal certification. From the enrollment of candidates to the final checking of the certificates.

Made to be put to use

EVA examination software was originally created to help the Industrial Cleaning Foundation (SIR) certify industrial cleaning persnonnel. After 15 years of development, EVA examination software has become an extensive package that can help organize and manage personal certification processes throughout different industries. Nowadays, the package is being offered in multiple languages and is utilized in many different countries around the world.


Examination administration

The examination administration is the core of the EVA examination software. In just a few steps, instructors or examination agencies can set up an examination for a certain date. Examiners and supervisors can be assigned to exams manually by the organizor, or automatically by using the team matching module.

Examination administration module

Examination management

With the examination management module, you can manage the different types of exams and examination questions available. The examination questions will be picked at random from a collection of questions. Our system takes care of proper distribution of these questions across the different subjects.

Examination management module

Examination conduction

A committed supervisor should always be present during an examination. They will have an overview of the current candidates on their tablet or mobile phone: the so-called scoreboard. With this scoreboard, they are able to activate or block individual candidates and start or end the entire examination. 

Examination conduction module

Certificates and statistics

Once an examination has been conducted, the results will be collected and saved to the EVA database. Statistics can be generated using this data, which in turn can provide insight into whether a candidate has passed certification. 

Certificates and statistics module

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