Examination conduction module

A committed supervisor should always be present during an examination. They will have an overview of the current candidates on their tablet or mobile phone: the so-called scoreboard. With this scoreboard, they are able to activate or block individual candidates and start or end the entire examination. 


Candidates log into the exam using a secure browser.

After the candidate's identity has been checked (by either passport or driver's license), they will receive a unique PIN to log into the examination. This will help prevent fraude. Using this PIN, a candidate can only log in using one computer at a time, preventing people from outside to 'help out' during examination.

During the theoretical part of the examination, the supervisor can see the progress and results of the candidates without being able to see which questions have been answered either correctly or incorrectly.


Practical examination

If the examination is practical, the examiner will have access to a form for one or more candidates at a time on their tablet or mobile phone. They can use this form to indicate whether the candidate has fulfilled certain requirements that are set for the examination. There are also so-called Knock Out points, which will indicate immediate failure by a candidate to pass the exam. The candidate will pass or fail according to the cut-off point.



Finishing up an examination

The results produced by the candidates will be available directly once the supervisor ends the examination. These results can then be copied or edited from the examination management module, if need be.

Comments about the examination, location or candidates can also be added by the supervisor(s) and examiner(s). These will have to be dealt with in order for the examination to be marked as 'finished'.


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