Examination management module

With the examination management module, you can manage the different types of exams and examination questions available. The examination questions will be picked at random from a collection of questions. Our system takes care of proper distribution of these questions across the different subjects (the so-called examination matrix).


Question management

You can add examination questions easily using the question management feature. You simply select the type of question you want to add: multiple choice, slider, more than one answer, etc. You then fill out the question together with the appropriate answers and may add additional images. The question will then be added to the question collection, or question pool.

During a single examination, all candidates will receive the same questions drawn from the question pool. The order of these questions will be different for all candidates. The following results will be easily comparable between candidates per individual examination. 



Managing the types of examinations

All parts of an exam (theory, practical and resits) have their own price. The minimum and maximum number of candidates (with a price per candidate-too-few) are also adjustable.



Examination subjects

You can control what questions are asked in certain types of examinations and to which subject these questions belong. You can also define these subjects yourself, which in turn can be assigned a certain weight. We call a collection of subjects an examination matrix. This matrix will control the number of questions about a certain subject that is pulled from the system to create question pools for an examination.


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